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This page contains sound effects relating to telephones, phones and mobile phones. It includes dial, busy, pickup, offhook and ring tones.

Telephone Sound Effects

phone_dial_1.wav (42.8 KB)phone_ring_2.wav (16.8 KB)
ans_phone.wav (197 KB)phone_dialtone_02.wav (10.6 KB)
phone_offhook.wav (15.5 KB)phone_dialtone_01.wav (1.5 KB)
phone_pickup.wav (16.5 KB)phonebusy.wav (55.6 KB)
phone_dial_2.wav (454.5 KB)phone_ring_1.wav (24.5 KB)
phone_tone_01.wav (1.5 KB)phone_busy.wav (55.6 KB)

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