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This page contains sound effects relating to doors, evelators, lifts and door bells. It includes creaking, slamming, opening and closing.

Door Sound Effects

doorbell.wav (15.2 KB)doorbell2.wav (15.9 KB)
doorbell3.wav (9.7 KB)doorcreak1.wav (7.6 KB)
doorcreak2.wav (24.5 KB)doorcreak3.wav (13 KB)
dooropen.wav (12.7 KB)doorslam.wav (4.3 KB)
electronicdoor.wav (31.6 KB)elevator.wav (22.7 KB)
elevatording.wav (67.2 KB)elevatordoor.wav (18.8 KB)
freezerdoor.wav (18 KB)kickdoordown.wav (13.4 KB)

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